Safety training courses of varying complexity and duration cover accident / incident investigation, safety management and other areas.

Each programme can be tailored to meet individual client needs.

Entry Point North offers the following training solutions:

  • TRM Training
    The TRM Training course is designed for all ANSP personnel to help enhance their operational task efficiency and increase safety awareness. The aim of the course is to provide guidance on how to improve teamwork skills and human performance in ATM.
  • Safety Intelligence
    Knowledge and understanding concerning operational safety comes from asking the right questions in order to anticipate and manage risk. The aim of the Safety Intelligence course is to increase safety awareness and discuss key components of safety intelligence.
  • Safety II
    The aim of the course is to provide participants with knowledge concerning the foundation, the mechanisms and the manifestations of Safety II. The course introduces participants to the concept and principles of a systems thinking approach and creates awareness and understanding of the increasing complexity of operational work.
  • Resilience Engineering
    The purpose of resilience engineering is to move away from the traditional focus on error towards seeing both risk and safety as the product of normal organisational processes. The resilience agenda is to understand and focus on operational success through the study of ‘normal work’.
  • Crisis Management
    The Crisis Management course is designed for senior managers responsible for dealing with crises at a strategic and tactical level, as well as operations managers and crisis management team personnel responsible for establishing, developing, coaching and testing crisis management teams within their organisation.
  • Applied Human Factors
    This course provides participants with fundamental knowledge regarding the collection, the analysis and the documentation process of incident and accident investigation.
  • Accident / Incident Investigation in ATM
    The course is designed for operational air traffic controllers, flight safety officers, managers, union representatives, regulatory authorities, ATS management and others involved in operational aspects of flight safety within the ATM environment. The aim of the course is to provide participants with fundamental knowledge on both incident and accident investigation.
  • Just Culture
    The course will introduce you to the concepts, language and skills of the Just Culture framework. Just Culture balances the need for an open reporting environment and quality learning culture, with the need to appropriately hold all employees accountable for the quality of their choices.
  • Safety (SMS) and Quality Management (QMS) Processes in Civil Aviation
    The aim of the course is to provide the necessary knowledge to build a management system that integrates safety, quality and risk processes for all aviation operations.
  • ATM Safety Case
    The course is designed for all stakeholders involved in the process of implementing a new ATM system and / or demonstrating that the implementation of a new system or procedure is safe within the ATM system.