The escalating challenges of new regulations, increasing passenger numbers and exacting business goals all demand more complex checkpoint security solutions.

These solutions must be flexible and future-proof, with reliable and effective interfaces and a network to drive and monitor productivity.

Smiths Detection’s integrated checkpoints have been developed to support you in achieving both security and operational objectives.

We provide complete solutions and back-up from planning and design to commissioning, integrating and servicing for the lifespan of the equipment, making all equipment, technologies and software and support available from one source.

Smiths Detection’s integrated checkpoint solutions include:

  • Baggage screening – A complete range of checkpoint baggage screening solutions for airports of all sizes.
  • Explosive Trace Detection – Top-of-the-range solutions to detect trace amounts of explosives, narcotics and toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) in secondary or tertiary screening.
  • People Screening – Convenient, non-invasive detection of weapons, contraband and illegal materials hidden on a person.
  • Automatic Tray Return Systems – Our custom tray handling solutions help manage the flow of passengers and ease operations
  • Software and Networking Solutions designed to improve operations and enhance screening.

Our strategy for development and design focuses on the checkpoint as a whole (rather than individual components) and how it affects the broader operation.

To understand and manage the flow and screening of passengers properly, we consider not only how the complete system can function smoothly and efficiently, but also how it integrates with the full curb to gate experience.