General transport conveyor is designed to transport both inbound and outbound baggage throughout the terminal smoothly and efficiently.

It is typically installed horizontally but is also designed to handle product at any degree of an incline up to a maximum angle of 18° where elevation changes are required.

General transport conveyor is made up of several different modules bolted together to form a single conveyor:

  • Head / tail module: used at both ends of the conveyor housing the end rollers.
  • Drive unit: accommodates the motor gearbox and provides the drive and take-up of the conveyor belt
  • Intermediate section: standard sections are 2,200mm and 1,100mm long however special length sections are made to suit the required conveyor length.
  • Break over: used when a change to an incline or decline is required and provides a smooth transition due to the

Whilst the design of the conveyor modules has been standardised, it allows for many different configurations of length, top of belt height and incline / decline angle. Low side panel height sections are also available to suit loading and unloading conveyors as well as collector conveyor configuration.


Certain good practices have been established, these include:

  • End rollers with profiled finger guards to eliminate trap points for personnel and product
  • Internal bearings are fitted to head, tail and take-up rollers for ease of maintenance and quick changeover
  • Final drive between the gearbox and drive pulley is via a direct shaft mounted gearmotor
  • Cut outs are provided in the conveyor frame to allow for roller to be removed from the side
  • Screw type belt take-up designed to allow adjustment from one side
  • Can be floor mounted to as low as 300mm top of belt
  • Modular components for flexibility in design

For more details and specifications, download the product brochure.