CS 5000

The Garrett CS 5000 is one of the industry’s most economical and effective walkthrough metal detectors.

With microprocessor technology, the CS 5000 offers greater sensitivity for detecting weapons from the archway to the floor. The CS 5000 is a proven unit for security applications around the world.

Easy Assembly

Garrett’s CS 5000 is easily assembled with only 4 pieces, 8 screws and simple to follow instructions.

Flexible Control Settings

The CS 5000 uses microprocessors in both detection and control circuits to ensure enhanced sensitivity and programming flexibility. The CS 5000 offers numerous program/sensitivity settings, enabling it to respond more effectively to weapons while ignoring harmless objects.

Convenient Touchpad Controls

Eight touchpad controls perform all control functions on the CS 5000 and clearly report all calibration and operating information with alphanumeric displays.