Welcome to the next level of baggage handling efficiency with our Collector Conveyor. Designed meticulously to seamlessly integrate with check-in conveyors and transport lines, this conveyor is the epitome of reliability and functionality. Crafted with precision using 304 grade stainless steel, it ensures both durability and a clean appearance, making it ideal for landside placement within public view.

Key Features

Robust Construction: Constructed using 304 grade stainless steel, the collector conveyor stands at a height of 300mm to 400mm above the floor finish, with a 300mm rear upstand. Its modular design, comprised of bolted-together modules, allows for versatile configurations of length tailored to your specific requirements.

Efficient Design: The conveyor is equipped with end rollers featuring profiled finger guards, eliminating potential trap points for both personnel and products. The internal bearings installed in head, tail, and take-up rollers ensure easy maintenance and swift changeover, minimising downtime.

Drive System: The final drive pulley operates via a direct shaft-mounted gearmotor, ensuring a reliable and efficient power transmission. The screw-type belt take-up design facilitates easy adjustment from a single side, simplifying operational adjustments.

User-Centric: With cut-outs strategically placed in the conveyor frame, roller removal from the side becomes effortless. Moreover, the stainless-steel cladding in the passenger area is meticulously designed without visible fasteners, ensuring a sleek and safe user experience.

Modules overview:

Head/Tail Module: Serving as the endpoints of the conveyor, this module houses the essential end rollers, ensuring smooth and secure baggage transition.

Drive Unit: This unit accommodates the motor gearbox, serving as the powerhouse of the conveyor, providing drive and belt take-up functionalities.

Intermediate Section: Standard sections come in 2200mm and 1100mm lengths while customised sections can be crafted to suit specific conveyor length requirements.

The Collector Conveyor is engineered to enhance baggage handling operations, providing a seamless flow of luggage while prioritising safety, efficiency, and ease of maintenance.

For further technical details, download the Collector Conveyor brochure, and contact us to speak with our experts for personalised assistance.