As the first point of interface between passenger and baggage handling system, the check-in weigh conveyor must be safe, reliable and functional.

The check-in conveyor is designed to weigh, label and despatch baggage onto the collector / take-away conveyor without the need for manual lifting by the check-in operator.

Ansir check-in conveyors are designed with ergonomics and safety in mind.  The tub load feature (available in the two, three and four stage design) has proven to reduce the amount of lifting the check-in agent has to perform and makes for simpler system operation.

Whilst the basic design of the conveyor has been standardised, it is sufficiently flexible to accommodate variations in height and configuration


  • High-quality stainless-steel finish
  • Roll In / Roll Out for ease of maintenance and cleaning
  • Fitted with quick disconnect plugs
  • Easy removal lift off side panels with no tools required
  • Passenger tamper proof weigh scale
  • Waterfall effect to assist transfer of baggage between conveyors

For more details and specifications, download the product brochure.