ATM-Related Training

Entry Point North offers ATM-related training that can be tailored to meet individual client needs.

We offer courses of varying complexity and duration on the topic of Airport Operations, Information Management, Environmental Matters, ATM and ATC Technology.

English Language Courses

Entry Point North offers English language training, including courses provided for air traffic control officers, pilots, and aircraft maintenance personnel, as well as courses in general and aviation-related English, and English proficiency tests.

Other Training Courses

Entry Point North offers a range of other training courses, including:

  • Operational Supervisor
    The course is designed to impart knowledge and skills to experienced air traffic controllers in order to prepare them for their role as operational ATC supervisors.
  • Operational Supervisor Refresher
    The course is designed for operational supervisors with several years of experience who wish to refresh knowledge and skills from the previous supervisor course and wish to improve their capabilities and performance in their work as operational supervisor.
  • Train the Trainer
    The aim of the Train the Trainer course is to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to deliver effective classroom training.
  • Train the Training Manager
    The aim of the course is to provide the participants with skills relevant to leading, supervising or managing training staff and creating an effective and professional training organisation.
  • Presentation Techniques
    The aim of this course is to provide the participants with a higher confidence to be more comfortable in delivering and selling a message to an audience
  • Classroom Techniques
    The aim of the Classroom Techniques course is to provide the participants with the necessary skills and knowledge required to effectively deliver classroom training, whether it is a stand-alone lesson or series of lessons as part of a bigger training program.
  • Training Philosophy
    The aim of the course is to explain how the training philosophy positively influences the training outcome, the policies and procedures and the mindset of the personnel.
  • Personal Conflict Handling
    This course focuses on bringing about an end to participant’s conflict situations quickly, cost-effectively and with as little discomfort as possible. It provides participants with the skills, knowledge and awareness necessary to display a positive approach to conflict handling.