Airport rectifiers are designed to supply aircrafts and helicopters during preflight maintenance at the airport. They can also be used as a power unit of test benches, hangars and aircraft manufacturing plants. AR is intended to supply all types of aircraft and helicopters with 28.0/28.5V. They can be manufactured in mobile and stationary versions.

Airport rectifiers provide:

  • high quality of output three-phase sinusoidal voltage with frequency 400Hz
  • high efficiency coefficient
  • low power consumption

Main characteristics:

  1. Total harmonic content 2.0
  2. 24/7 operating mode at 90kVA
  3. 12-pulse system configuration
  4. Brand new schematics and technical solutions
  5. TFT display
  6. Adaptable under any type of aircraft
  7. High level of reliability
  8. Low noise level
  9. Possibility of modification or adjustment in accordance with the client’s needs
  10. Heavy-duty design