UK-based Westminster has secured a contract to upgrade security equipment for two airports in Southeast Africa.

The company did not specify the names of the two airports.

As agreed, Westminster will design, deliver and install advanced screening and surveillance equipment at the two airports.

The scope of the delivery will include new x-ray screening and metal detection equipment, an advanced CCTV surveillance system and new control and command centres at the two sites.

Additionally, the British firm will set up an engineering unit to offer maintenance and support services in future.

Westminster CEO Peter Fowler said: “I am delighted therefore that we have been awarded this important new contract for advanced airport security solutions in Southeast Africa and it is yet another example of Westminster’s growing global reach across a wide range of disciplines and demonstrates our ability to secure business in new territories.

“Not only does this contract open a new region for our international operations, but we believe creates an exciting opportunity for our Managed Services division in developing a wider scope of works and long-term support services at the airports.”

Headquartered in the UK, Westminster focuses on providing strategic security solutions.

Earlier this year, the company’s Services Division secured a contract to provide security services to five airports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

The French subsidiary of the company also signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) this year to offer advanced airport securing solutions to international airports in Burkina Faso.