The Flight Safety Foundation (FSF) has appointed Stuart Aggs, Virgin Australia COO, and Boeing product and services safety and global regulatory strategist, Dr Reece Clothier as directors to the Board of FSF Basic Aviation Risk Standard (BARS) programme.

The BARS programme is an award-winning worldwide audit programme supporting the resource sector along with humanitarian, government, and insurance organizations in their oversight of contracted aviation activities.

“Mr Aggs and Dr Clothier hold a wealth of knowledge and we are pleased they have joined the Board of FSF in Australia,” said Dr Hassan Shahidi, Flight Safety Foundation President and CEO.

“Both come from major aviation and aerospace industry organizations and are two of Australia’s most experienced aviation industry professionals, which furthers FSF’s aim of promoting air safety.”

Mr Aggs joined Virgin Australia in 2004 and has held several leadership roles over two decades, spanning compliance and regulation, safety, and flight operations, including director of group flight operations. He was appointed COO in September 2019.

Dr Clothier is internationally recognised as an expert in the fields of design, safety, certification, and regulation of complex and autonomous systems, in particular, Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems.

“We believe it is important to keep up with the fast-paced technological environment the aviation and aerospace industries operate in. With Mr Aggs and Dr Clothier onboard, we are well-equipped to respond to the challenges we face,” said BARS programme director David Anderson.