Vinci Airports has launched its detailed plan for the modernisation of Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport in Serbia.

The launch ceremony was attended by French President Emmanuel Macron and Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić, as well as VINCI chairman Xavier Huillard and the company’s Concessions CEO Nicolas Notebaert.

Huillard said: “VINCI is honoured to contribute to Serbia’s development and the strengthening of Franco-Serbian relations by improving air transport in the country.”

Notebaert said: “Over the coming 25 years, we will work closely with the Serbian authorities as a key partner of the country’s economy. The goal of VINCI Airports is to make Belgrade the future hub in South East Europe.”

In January 2018, Vinci Airports was selected as the preferred bidder for the Belgrade Nikola Tesla Airport concession by Serbia and Airport Nikola Tesla (ANT).

The company was awarded a 25-year concession to run Belgrade Airport in lieu of a one-time concession fee of €501m.

The contract includes the financing, maintenance, renovation, operations, and expansion of the airport and its existing runway system.

Vinci Airports has agreed to invest another €730m in the new infrastructure of the existing airport terminal and runways.

In January this year, Vinci Airports awarded a €262m contract to Greek construction firm GEK Terna for the construction and refurbishment of Belgrade’s Nikola Tesla Airport.

The contract includes the construction of a new passenger terminal with a total surface area of 42,000m² and the modernisation of existing terminal facilities with a total area of 15,000m³.

GEK Terna will also be responsible for constructing a new 3,500m runway and upgrading the existing 3,400m runway.

Additionally, curbside / sidewalk infrastructure, a new car park with 2,400 spaces, and facilities for the handling of departures and arrivals will also be constructed.

VINCI Airports aims to support the further growth of the airport by opening new medium and long-haul routes, improving passenger flow management, and launching its environmental policy, AirPact.