Vinci Concessions’ subsidiary Vinci Airports has installed a new tailor-made tool, the Airport Pavement Management System (APMS), to enhance the monitoring of its airport pavements.

Vinci Airports teams and infrastructure management software provider AgileAssets have jointly developed this solution.

APMS unifies the data on pavement condition monitoring.

It also helps in the planning of maintenance work needed for airport pavements, runways, taxiways and aircraft parking areas.

The tool features a geo-referencing system that provides an overview of the pavements’ state and offers a decision support system for upkeep work.

According to Vinci Airports, the technology allows fortifying its commitment to meet ‘the highest quality and durability standards’ for the airport infrastructure.

In a statement, Vinci Airports said: “Thanks to Vinci Airports’ international presence and its strong network-based innovation, this new system has benefited from a rapid deployment in the airports of Puerto Plata (Dominican Republic), Belgrade (Serbia), Porto and Faro (Portugal), Salvador (Brazil), Phnom Penh and Sihanoukville (Cambodia) and Kobe (Japan).”

Starting from next year, Vinci Airports aspires to generalise the APMS usage to the entire network.

Earlier this month, Vinci Airports announced that works are progressing as part of the modernisation plan of Serbia’s Belgrade Airport (BEG).

In an official ceremony, the advanced stage of the airport’s expansion and modernisation strategy was unveiled.

The project included the overhaul and extension of the airport’s current terminal.

By the end of this year, the new Pier C terminal extension will be finished completely.

The private airport operator Vinci Airports handles 45 airports in 12 nations in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

It claims to have become the first airport operator to start rolling out an international environmental strategy in 2016 for attaining net-zero emissions throughout its network by 2050.