Airport operator Lithuanian Airports has announced that construction company Kauno tiltai has won a bid to renovate the taxiways and Northern Apron of Vilnius Airport.

The contractor will be responsible for renewing the pavement and engineering networks of the apron, which will aid in increasing the usage and effectiveness of the infrastructure.

The work is expected to be completed by the end of this year and will not interfere with the daily operations of the airport. The entire project is valued at €34m.

The work to reconstruct the Northern Apron at Vilnius Airport will include resurfacing, new parking markings, the installation of new and efficient lighting, guidance and surveillance systems and a more effective drainage system.

The airport also plans to install a modern underground ground power unit (GPU), which will aid in the better handling of aircraft.

After the renovation, five new aircraft parking stands will be available, which will accommodate larger aircraft. Vilnius Airport currently has 56 aircraft parking stands.

With the reconstructed apron, aircraft will be able manoeuvre with more safety. It will also decrease the noise pollution and CO2 emissions due to the reduction in taxiing distance.

The renovation of the taxiways includes the refurbishment of current taxiways and the construction of new ones.

Under the project, the renovation, repavement and expansion of Taxiways B and F will be carried out to accommodate larger aircraft.

The contractor will also have to construct a new taxiway to link the apron with the runway threshold.

The airport operator added: “During the works, Taxiway A will be demolished. It was decided to no longer utilise Taxiway A as all the before mentioned reconstruction works will change the manoeuvring patterns on the apron, making Taxiway A no longer needed and its potential renovation unnecessary.”

Yesterday, it was revealed that Vilnius Airport is set to partially resume passenger operations from mid-May as Covid-19 lockdown restrictions ease.