Four UK airports are reportedly planning to stop passengers from travelling if they are drunk when boarding.

East Midlands, Stansted, Manchester and Heathrow airports have introduced plans such as Pubwatch and Best Bar None to deal with the unruly conduct of drunken passengers.

These airports have warned that any passengers found causing chaos in terminal bars will not be allowed to board their flights.

The measures are designed to prevent unruly passengers from making trouble not only in airports but also in flights.

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A spokesman for Manchester Airport Group said: “Schemes like Best Bar None are taking place across all our airports, where our retail partners demonstrate the highest standard of responsible alcohol sales.

“They sit alongside new technology that allows airport, airline, bar and retail staff to make each other aware of any potential disruption caused by excessive alcohol consumption.”

Manchester Airport Group, which manages Manchester, Stansted and East Midlands airports, is the first operator in the UK to join the Best Bar None initiative, which enables bar staff, security personnel and law enforcement authorities to share information pertaining to mischievous passengers.

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Heathrow Airport has introduced a Pubwatch scheme to stop drunken passengers from boarding their flight.

National Pubwatch chairman Steve Baker told the Mirror: “Heathrow is very much like a small town and has the same problems.”

A Heathrow spokeswoman said: “Disruptive passenger behaviour is rare but we recognise its potential impact.”