Firms of Turkey and Qatar are reportedly still awaiting to make a final deal with the government of war-ravaged Afghanistan for joint operation of five airports.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said that an MoU had been signed in Doha earlier this month.

This MoU covered Kabul and four other airports in Afghanistan.

Cavusoglu said the UAE had also expressed its interest in joining the Turkish and Qatari firms.

The UAE operated the civilian part of Kabul airport before the Taliban came to power in August this year after nearly twenty years of war.

The names of the Turkish and Qatari companies involved in the MoU have not been disclosed.

Cavusoglu added: “Our teams went to Kabul… to present our proposals and then our friends in Doha continued the discussions.

“It is natural for different countries to make bids in this process.

“The Taliban administration had stated it would receive proposals from different countries.”

Furthermore, Cavusoglu said that no deal can be finalised until the Afghanistan government allows a trusted international operator to secure the airport terminal.

In June this year, the Turkish governmnet reportedly agreed to take over the control of Kabul’s international airport in a deal worth $130m with North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).