Tampa International Airport (TPA) has unveiled the second of four sets of electronic gates (e-gates) to enhance passenger experience and provide a touch-free journey.

E-gates allow ticketed passengers and cleared guests to access the airside shuttle, helping the management of passengers.

The new technology replaces the conventional system of manual scanning.

To move through the e-gates, passengers are expected to scan their boarding passes, after which the gates swing open. An error message will be sent if they are at the wrong gate.

With e-gates, TPA has four boarding pass scanning devices per airside, which speeds up the check-in and boarding process.

The technology was implemented at the shuttle entrance to Airside A last month and at Airside C earlier this month.

The two remaining screening gates at Airside E and F are expected to be installed later this year.

To date, the Airside A and the Airside C gates have processed approximately 85,000 and 40,000 people respectively.

The e-gates facilitate social distancing, enhance security and provide insights about the travel experience to TPA, including the identification of peak usage time.

In addition, this technology can easily be repurposed for the future.

TPA Client and Field Services senior manager Doug Wycoff said: “This is a significant step in our efforts to go touchless and make the passenger experience better and faster than ever before.

“We know that this kind of technology, especially during a time of heightened concern over cleanliness, is critically important. We know that facial recognition and biometrics is gaining steam in the US and this technology can be easily converted to facilitate that effort.”