French technology solutions provider Thales has secured a contract from Spain’s national air navigation manager, Enaire, to supply and commission six air surveillance stations.

The ADS-B Extended Squitter air surveillance stations will be installed at locations in the Cantabrian Sector of the Regional Directorate N A Centro-Norte.  

The stations are set to be deployed around the airports of Bilbao, Burgos, Pamplona, San Sebastian and Vitoria, as well as the Cape Higuer Radioelectric Complex in San Sebastian, Spain.

In addition, the contract covers equipment purchases for various Remote Supervision Systems of the new ADS-B Surveillance Systems.

It also covers related local and centralised spare parts, along with the delivery of other equipment for supervising the systems remotely.

The systems are designed to offer surveillance coverage for the approach procedures to the sites, complementing the current en-route surveillance coverage, as well as surveillance coverage of the airports’ surfaces.

The aim is to cut down the impact of possible errors and temporary coverage failures of adjacent radars.

Thales Spain country director Jesús Sánchez Bargos said: “Our experience in air navigation systems, as well as our technological solutions, will make it possible for Enaire to improve surveillance in the Cantabrian Sector.”

Recently, Thales reached a separate agreement with Enaire for the delivery of two ADS-B air surveillance stations.

The portable outdoor and indoor systems are expected to equip the Espiñeiras radar tower (A Coruña) to offer surveillance over the Atlantic oceanic area, which borders Flight Information Region (FIR) Santa María, Lisbon and Madrid.