Swedavia, the owner and operator of ten Swedish airports, has signed an agreement with Scantest to launch a test centre at Malmö Airport.

The agreement was signed under the Swedish Public Procurement Act.

Scantest official My-Lien Huynh said: “We are enormously pleased and proud to have the opportunity to expand our operations and be an important part of Malmö Airport.”

As per the agreement, Scantest will provide PCR and Antigen test services for passengers at the airport.

Antigen tests can provide results in 30 to 60 minutes while PCR tests take two to four hours.

If the passenger is tested negative, then Scantest will issue a travel certificate signed by a specialist doctor.

Malmö Airport director Karin Öhrström said: “Naturally, we think it is very positive that we can now offer a service for which there is strong demand and that is absolutely crucial to our passengers and airlines at Malmö Airport.

“The tests are important with the restart of air travel and in many cases are a necessary complement to the EU Covid certificate.

Swedavia said that there is strong demand from passengers and airlines to take PCR and Antigen tests and to have travel certificates issued at the airport.

It said that passengers need to check with their airline about what applies to their own trip before they take the test.

In March, Swedavia announced that its airport operations across Sweden have become fossil-free.

According to the company’s annual and sustainability report 2020, Swedavia became one of the first airport operators globally to implement fossil-free operations.