Swedish airport operator Swedavia is set to implement electric aviation in all the ten airports that it manages.

The airport operator is planning to equip the airports to handle electric aircraft and introduce the first commercial electrified route by 2025.

The testing facility at Åre Östersund Airport for electric aircraft is scheduled to start operations by the end of the year.

The upgrades will encourage the transition to fossil-free air transport for domestic travel by 2030 and fossil-free air transport for all originating flights from Sweden by 2045.

Swedavia president and CEO Jonas Abrahamsson said: “Bio jet fuel is critical in a short-term perspective for driving the aviation industry’s transformation in the face of climate change. But in the long-term, electrification can also play a key role.

“Swedavia wants to take an active part at an early stage of this development and get an understanding of the conditions needed for electric aviation from an infrastructure perspective.”

The operator is planning to build aircraft parking stands and equipment for charging aircraft at the airport and provide the necessary power supply and permits.

The testing will take place in the airspace between the Åre Östersund airport and Røros Airport in Norway under the EU project Green Flyway framework.

Swedish and Norwegian partners will also participate in the tests.

Abrahamsson added: “Given the possibilities, Swedavia welcomes the Swedish government’s new initiative to study suitable measures to accelerate the introduction of electric aviation and the changeover to fossil-free air transport, which can contribute to Sweden’s access and to regional development throughout the country.”