Smiths Detection has launched its new ultraviolet (UVC) light kits that can kill around 99.9% of microorganisms on baggage trays at security checkpoints.

The company stated airports will have to showcase increased hygiene standards as they aim to restart operations and encourage travellers after the Covid-19 pandemic.

One way to restore confidence in travelling is through the use of UVC technology, which provides longer-term protection against viruses or bacteria.

The Smiths Detection UVC kits will automatically disinfect the trays when they are returned to the divest station from the reclaim area.

This is expected to aid in protecting staff and passengers from the transmission of contagious diseases via touch at the airport’s security checkpoints.

UVC lights feature ‘specially designed casing’ along with other safety measures. The technology can be installed on current tray handling systems easily and quickly.

Food and health sectors, along with other industries that require high levels of hygiene, use the technology to disinfect surfaces.

Applying this technology at checkpoint security is expected to reduce the contamination risk and comfort passengers and staff regarding their safety.

Global Director Aviation Richard Thompson said: “A trusted adviser within the industry, Smiths Detection have been working with airports globally to deliver necessary enhancements to their infrastructure that can be made in response to the pandemic.

“UVC lights are a practical, straight-forward way that airports can help reduce the transmission of any bacteria or virus that might be on the surface of its trays now and in the long-term.”

The technology is being trialled at airports and is currently available to be installed with very short lead times.

Last November, Gold Coast Airport in Australia awarded a contract to Smiths Detection for its advanced Computed Tomography (CT) screening systems.