Information technology firm SITA has installed the SITA Smart Path Drop and Fly baggage solution for Ethiopian Airlines at Bole International Airport (ADD) in Ethiopia.

The new technology is expected to provide improved check-in and bag drop self-services to the passengers of Ethiopian Airlines at the airport.

SITA Smart Path Drop and Fly baggage solution has been deployed in the airport’s new extension of the check-in area.

With this deployment, passengers can now move directly to the self-bag-drop area to check in their baggage.

This will enable passengers to move quickly and avoid long lines.

As a result, the airport will face less congestion, especially at a time when social distancing is necessary due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

This solution will also cut down passenger contact with ground agents.

SITA stated that its solutions help raise the capacity of the airport by accommodating more passengers while allowing them to have more control over their journey.

SITA Middle East and Africa president Hani El-Assaad said: “ADD is one of the first airports in Africa to implement Smart Path bag-drop technology and Ethiopian Airlines, Africa’s largest growing carrier, is the first adopter.

“This deployment marks a significant milestone in Africa’s air transport industry evolution. It shows that airports and airlines are ready to successfully embrace automated and intelligent airport solutions to ensure sustainable growth and lays the groundwork for a smarter, touchless future of air travel.”

This development has set the airport to accommodate future implementations such as future-proofing the airport for supporting biometrics quickly.

According to the company, Ethiopian Airlines is among the first airlines in the region to execute this level of automation in passenger processing.

Earlier this month, SITA acquired Safety Line SAS, a France-based start-up focusing on digital technologies for aviation safety and efficiency, to facilitate sustainable aviation.