Germany-based Siemens Logistics has developed a new belt conveyor, VarioBelt TilterPlus, for moving baggage at airports.

VarioBelt TilterPlus has been equipped with a tilting device, enabling the conveyor to move the baggage in a linear direction, as well as to the left and the right.

The company stated that the three-way sorting system will result in a smaller footprint as fewer machines will be needed for a baggage handling system.

The system permits the airport operators to expand their systems in a modular manner.

With this flexibility, the operators can modify the system according to the airport’s requirement, such as passenger traffic.

According to the situation, the additional VarioBelt TilterPlus devices can be included in the current sorting line, allowing installation work to be conducted during running operations.

Besides, the new belt conveyor provides various individual layout configurations.

Without implementing curves, the conveyor can accommodate connectivity solutions at 90, 45 and zero degrees, enabling passengers to use their space optimally.

The modular design also makes the system easy to maintain.

In a statement, Siemens Logistics said: “Components such as the drive drums, motors and pulleys can be exchanged in a short amount of time and are compatible with the Siemens VarioBelt conveyor system.

“Airports that already employ this technology can use the spare parts they have on hand also for VarioBelt TilterPlus.”

This new system builds on the company’s VarioBelt conveying product line.

Siemens Logistics CEO Michael Reichle said: “We support our customers with the most modern solutions for smooth business processes. VarioBelt TilterPlus is a groundbreaking product that makes baggage handling with belt conveyors even more flexible for both regional airports and international hubs.

According to Reichle, the conveyors can be adapted “to varying passenger volumes, as the situation requires. In this case, the desired number of additional VarioBelt TilterPlus devices is inserted into the existing sorting line. Installation work can be carried out during running operations.”