Sheremetyevo International Airport in Russia has deployed a new digital device in a bid to improve services for passengers with hearing and speech impairments.

The video information assistant (VIA) device will provide passengers with information about services at the airport, including special services for persons with disabilities.

Located in the public departure area of Terminal B at the Information Desk, the new VIA is equipped with a touch screen device with an intuitive interface.

Using the device, passengers will be able to retrieve information by selecting offered topics from the menu, the airport said.

For users with hearing and speech impairments, the VIA contains a section called ‘Hearing-impaired Passengers’, where all information is available in subtitled video units that include a sign language interpreter.

The device menu with special section contains information on pre-flight procedures, rules for carry-on and checked luggage, rules of behaviour for passengers in case of emergencies at the airport and more.

The airport authorities noted that all information in this section is presented in Russian sign language.

The airport served 229,638 passengers with disabilities last year, which according to the airport officials was 26% more compared with 2018 figures.

Currently, there are four special lounges for passengers with disabilities at Sheremetyevo Airport, including Mercury, which is located in the public area of Terminal B, Saturn in the public area of Terminal D, Orion in the public area of Terminal C and Sirius in the ‘clean’ area of Terminal E, which is said to be the first enhanced-comfort lounge for disabled passengers.