Seoul Robotics has entered a partnership with Evitado to deliver a collision avoidance solution for the aviation industry.

The collaboration will involve the integration of Seoul Robotics’ 3D perception software platform SENSR with Evitado’s all-in-one collision warning system for airport operations.

This system can be deployed on airport infrastructure to generate real-time collision warnings. It can also be attached to equipment and aircraft for better visibility and increased coverage to include hangars, ramps, runways and taxiways.

The installation of this 3D solution at airports is expected to enhance operational safety as well as improve efficiency. It will be able to identify objects, people and obstacles in real-time and accordingly trigger an alert to prevent damages.

In the future, the solution can also help in automating airside operations.

Evitado Technologies CEO Alex Kasinec said: “With Seoul Robotics, we have found a highly experienced partner in the field of deep learning-based perception software and the automotive industry.

“Seoul Robotics will help us speed up the development of our technology and our vision of autonomous airside operations, enabling us to offer more functionalities and help them further reduce cost and generate more revenue through increased efficiency.”

According to Seoul Robotics, damages related to aircraft ground movements cost the airlines around $10bn annually. The partnership seeks to deliver a solution that will help in reducing collisions and preventing damages.

Seoul Robotics CEO HanBin Lee said: “3D systems are unlocking unparalleled capabilities, and we are committed to making these solutions more accessible and cost-effective to fuel autonomy, enable operational efficiencies and most importantly, create a safer world.

“Through our partnership with Evitado, we can not only reduce unsafe ground collisions but eventually, unlock the ability to manoeuvre aircraft and vehicles autonomously.”