The Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen (SDRPY) has commenced the first phase of Yemen’s Aden International Airport rehabilitation project.

Under the project, Aden Airport will be fully modernised and expanded to accommodate growth. The airport is expected to transform into a hub for domestic and international flights.

The General Authority for Civil Aviation and Meteorology president Captain Saleh Salim Bin Nahid was quoted as saying: “Laying down the first building blocks of development and strategic projects for Aden International Airport will contribute significantly to raising the standards of the airport and the quality of services available to the travellers and airlines.”

SDRPY Projects and Studies director engineer Hassan Alattas added: “The objective of this project is to bring Aden Airport up to International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) standards as quickly as possible, connect Aden directly to the countries in the region and increase the airport’s capacity to handle much greater numbers of flights and passengers.”

SDRPY will carry out the project in three phases. The first phase will provide electricity, safety measures and transportation to the airport.

The work will include the study and redesign of the external main gates and roads, along with the provision of passenger transport buses.

Under the second phase, SDRPY will undertake work to construct and connect telecommunications, navigation, air traffic control and other vital service systems at the airport.

Runway and taxi areas, gates and tunnels will also be rehabilitated.

Phase III will be dedicated to aligning the airport facilities and operations to ICAO standards.

SDRPY has undertaken different projects in various sectors in Yemen, including education, electricity, water, health and transportation.