Singapore Airlines’ Scoot has finalised a deal to use Embraer’s E190-E2 to expand its fleet, as the low-cost airline seeks to boost its presence in Southeast Asia. 

A lease agreement with Azorra will see nine new E2 commercial jets join Scoot’s fleet from the lessor company’s existing Embraer backlog, making it the first Singaporean airline to operate the planes. 

Scoot CEO Leslie Thng said: “The agreement to include nine new E190-E2 aircraft in our fleet allows us to continue operating a modern and fuel-efficient fleet and support our network growth strategy by serving thinner routes to non-metro destinations out of Singapore.” 

Scoot’s deal, which was first announced in February, will come into fruition in 2024 with the first delivery of the jets, which are labelled by Embraer as the quietest and most fuel-efficient aircraft under 150 seats. 

Embraer also recently showcased the E2s short runway landing capability, with a simulated landing at Pohang Airport in South Korea taking place over 1,066m, as part of a bid to highlight the model’s ability to use a 1,200m runway ahead of the opening of the Ulleungdo Airport. 

Arjan Meijer, CEO of Embraer Commercial Aviation, said that work was already underway to prepare for Scoot’s use of the E2s: “The team at our APAC headquarters in Singapore is proud to support the airline in its quest to enhance connectivity and growth in the region, supporting the further development of its Singapore hub. 

“This is the value the E2 brings to airlines – complementing larger narrowbodies to grow and maintain networks.” 

The E2s have proved popular with multiple airlines recently, with Royal Jordanian also adding four E190-E2s to its fleet alongside four E195-E2s

They are also known for providing a 24% decrease in carbon emissions and fuel burn compared to the previous generation of E-Jets, as part of Embraer’s commitment to the aviation industry’s goal of achieving net zero by 2050.