Amsterdam’s ‍Schipho​l Airport has announced that it will further reduce the number of passengers who can depart locally each day due to a staff shortage.

The decision comes after companies providing security guards to the airport said they would supply fewer members than had been previously indicated.

To avoid overcrowding at the airport, Schiphol has decided to limit its daily departing passenger count by 9,250, or 18%.

The airport said that the additional cap could last until 31 October this year, with its effects to be seen over the next two weeks.

Schiphol intends to limit the daily passenger footfall by at least the end of this year.

Royal Schiphol Group COO Hanne Buis said: “This decision first and foremost is bad news for passengers and for airlines.

“I am fully aware of that. Nevertheless, the decision taken is necessary with the safety of passengers and employees in mind.

“Everyone who works at Schiphol (is) doing their utmost to ensure that each and every passenger journey is as pleasant as possible.

“It is clear that structural improvements are needed in line with the Social Agreement. This needs to be addressed as a matter of urgency.”

Schiphol has also asked security companies to provide full-fledged schedules for security guards.

Airline company KLM, a part of Air France-KLM, has expressed disappointment with the airport’s decision to reduce its passenger count.

In a statement, KLM said: “Schiphol has again announced that it will be introducing further restrictions on the number of departing passengers until October 31.

“It’s disappointing to ascertain that Schiphol will again be adopting these measures at such short notice.

“The measures will have far-reaching consequences for our passengers, colleagues and the national and international reputation of Schiphol and therefore KLM.”

Last month, Royal Schiphol Group reported a 359% increase in passengers across all its airports for the first half of this year.