San Diego International Airport (SAN) has started field tests for various airport-related at its Airport Innovation Lab.

The solutions being tested include autonomous robots for security and augmented reality (AR) experience.

The third group of innovators to join the lab comprises of Cloud Club, Lift Your Eyes, Lorenzo Designs, Nüdel Kart, NXT Robotics and QBRIO.

Leveraging ideas that are new to US airports, each successful applicant has an existing prototype to undergo testing.

Over the 16-week programme, the companies will run beta tests and adjust their ideas to a real-life airport setting.

The lab is located at the previous Commuter Terminal building of San Diego International Airport (SAN).

SAN customer experience and innovation director Rick Belliotti said: “This may be our most exciting batch to date. These companies have ground-breaking ideas that address and can potentially improve the airport experience. The ones that succeed will create good feelings in the airport environment.”

After the programme, San Diego County Regional Airport Authority, the airport’s owner and operator, may provide contracts to successful innovators.

They may also receive entry to other airports or similar businesses such as transportation hubs and convention centres.

The lab plans to recruit its fourth group of innovators later this year.

Airport Authority president and CEO Kimberly J Becker said: “We are building a team of problem-solvers who want to help us improve our already highly rated customer satisfaction. Those innovations that work at SAN will add to our ability to deliver good feelings nonstop.”