Sacramento International Airport in the US has reopened its west runway following the completion of rehabilitation work, which began in April.

The work included replacing the asphalt runway with a concrete one.

Sacramento County Airports director Cindy Nichol said: “We are thrilled to have the west runway operational again. The project was executed on time and with its completion it will allow us to continue to serve our customers with maximum efficiency.”

Before the installation of the new concrete, 50,000 cubic yards of asphalt was removed from the 8,600ft-long and 150ft-wide runway.

The rehabilitation required 106,000 cubic yards of concrete pavement.

Straight storm drain pipes of 22,000ft length were installed, as well as 130,000ft of new electrical cables and 450 new runway lights.

In accordance with the Department of Airports’ sustainability goals, all of the pre-existing base rocks were placed in the shoulders and structural section of the runway.

Concrete found below the runway was made into the base rock and used for blast pads.

A total of 2,400 cubic yards of asphalt millings were used to strengthen the blast pads soft subgrade.

From 23 October, flights that used the west runway resumed operations there.

In April, Accipiter Radar Technologies secured a contract to supply its 3D Total Coverage avian radar system to Sacramento International Airport.

In March last year, Sacramento International Airport installed a photovoltaic (PV) system to boost its sustainability with solar energy.