Understand the impact of the Ukraine conflict from a cross-sector perspective with the Global Data Executive Briefing: Ukraine Conflict

Airline ticket booking firm Sabre Corporation has ended its distribution agreement with Russian flag carrier Aeroflot in response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

With immediate effect, Sabre is discarding Aeroflot flight content from its global distribution system (GDS).

The GDS is a marketplace that is used by travel websites and agencies, as well as corporations for making flight reservations.

The removal of Aeroflot content from its GDS is expected to impact the ticket sales of the Russian airline. 

Sabre CEO Sean Menke said: “Sabre has been monitoring the evolving situation in Ukraine with increasing concern. From the beginning, our primary focus has been the safety of our team members in the impacted region, as well as doing our part to support the much-needed relief efforts.

“We are taking a stand against this military conflict. We are complying and will continue to comply, with sanctions imposed against Russia. In addition, today we announced that Sabre has terminated its distribution agreement with Aeroflot, removing its content from our GDS.”

Sabre is monitoring the situation and plans to take additional measures if required, including legal actions and countermeasures taken in response.

The firm’s decision coincides with Amadeus, a Spanish travel technology company, which has also started removing Aeroflot fares from its systems.

In a statement, Amadeus said: “We can confirm that we have begun suspending the distribution of Aeroflot fares in our systems. At the same time, we continue to assess and evaluate the potential impact of international sanctions imposed on Russia and any counter-measures by Russia.”