Russian carrier Ural Airlines has been refused export privileges through an order of the US Commerce Department due to export breaches, Reuters reported.

With this new order, Ural will not be able to take part in transactions subject to US export regulations.

As punitive action following Russia’s military attack on Ukraine, the US Government declined Russian air carriers’ access to spare parts, refuelling, and other services.

The Commerce Department noted that the Russian carrier has been continuing to advertise flights within Russia and other international flights from Moscow to Bishkek and Osh, Kyrgyzstan, and Kulyab, Tajikistan.

The Assistant Secretary of Commerce for Export Enforcement Matthew Axelrod was quoted by the news agency as saying: “Today’s action highlights the peril and consequences of attempting to circumvent our comprehensive export controls, and further impairs Russia’s aviation sector.

“US legal authorities are substantial, far-reaching, and have a meaningful impact on access to global commerce by parties found to be in violation of US law.”

The Department also identified Iranian carriers Mahan Air, Qeshm Fars Air and Iran Air transporting cargo to Russia using Boeing 747 aircraft, thereby flouting the US export controls.

Furthermore, the Department cautioned that any services such as refuelling, maintenance, repair and spare parts would be a breach of the US export controls and subject companies to US enforcement actions.

So far, it has issued ten orders against Russia and Belarus’s airline companies, noted Reuters.