Latvia’s Riga Airport has allowed E.Gulbis Laboratory to open a contactless Covid-19 testing point for passengers and employees of companies working at the airport.

The new mobile testing point is located at the exit of arrivals hall E. The test is not offered for free.

All those who have access to Latvian-recognised authentication tools can take the Covid-19 test at the mobile testing point.

The authentication tools include Swedbank, SEB, Luminor or Citadele Bank internet bank, e-parakstsID or e-paraksts mobile or Smart-ID.

International passengers cannot avail the services if they do not have access to these authentication applications.

However, the airport noted that it is working on offering an alternative solution in partnership with E.Gulbis Laboratory.

They can take the test after receiving authorisation on E.Gulbis Laboratory’s website.

For this, customers must log in, confirm their identity and make the payment online.

After making the payment, they will receive a PIN code by phone and e-mail.

By following the simple instructions on the machine, the customers will then be required to give a sample of their saliva.

The airport informed that the results will not be sent immediately, therefore departing passengers are required to plan their test accordingly.

The test results will be sent by E.Gulbis Laboratory over e-mail.

According to information on the E.Gulbis Laboratory website, the saliva test is accepted as an official test for the detection of SARS-CoV-2 virus RNA in Latvia.

However, a negative test result will not eliminate the need to observe ten days of self-isolation and other constraints set in Latvia to curb the spread of coronavirus infection.