Raytheon has teamed up with WEY Technology to co-develop an air traffic controller workstation named Multi-platform ATC Re-hosting Solution (Mars).

The Raytheon-WEYTEC team plans to replace Raytheon’s Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS) with the new technology.

Many US air traffic controllers currently use STARS to offer safe aircraft spacing and sequencing guidance.

The new technology will incorporate different flight-critical applications such as weather, surveillance, flight and airport data onto touchscreens for better airspace management.

Raytheon Intelligence, Information and Services vice-president Matt Gilligan said: “As the skies grow more crowded, controllers need the best technology to efficiently manage the airspace.

“Not only will MARS workstations make their jobs easier, they will make the world’s airspace system safer.”

WEY Group chairman of the board Armin Klingler said: “Our integrated keyboard, video and mouse switch solutions are autonomous, scalable and IP-based, which makes them ideal for complex multiscreen workplaces like those found in air traffic control management.”

A few years ago, the US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) awarded a $135m contract to Raytheon to implement STARS at 22 airports.

STARS provides better safety and capacity management possibilities for terminal automation in the commercial and defence segments of airports.

This March, Raytheon reached an agreement with air traffic communications and data solutions provider Frequentis to deploy remote virtual tower technology (RVTs), aimed at augmenting civil airport operations across the US.

RVTs use video-based air traffic services and support civil airports of all sizes and complexity.

In May last year, Raytheon collaborated with US-based Ontario International Airport Authority to start construction of a hangar to accommodate its flying multi-programme testbed aircraft.