US-based aircraft engine maker Pratt & Whitney has entered an agreement with information technology (IT) company SITA for full flight data retrieval and processing to enable predictive maintenance of aircraft engines.

According to the agreement, Pratt & Whitney will join SITA’s Cloud-based data-brokering platform, e-Aircraft DataHub, for big data analytics.

This data will support Pratt & Whitney in offering its EngineWise Insights Plus engine health monitoring services to air carriers.

Pratt & Whitney aftermarket and sustainment operations senior vice-president Joe Sylvestro said: “Engine maintenance exists for the full life of an engine. Once an engine is produced, it then relies on Pratt & Whitney and our technicians to maintain, repair and overhaul it whenever needed.

“Working with data delivery solution providers like SITA, our capability of collecting full flight data is expanded to a larger aircraft population. More customers are able to benefit from our engineers’ and technicians’ expertise and data-driven insights leading to proactive, preventative maintenance.”

SITA’s e-Aircraft DataHub platform has been designed to collect, transform and distribute full flight data, which is sourced from sensors on the aircraft.

The agreement between the two companies is expected to benefit many airlines, as the actionable data about aircraft performance would help airline companies to improve operations.

SITA Aircraft CEO Yann Cabaret said: “e-Aircraft DataHub is a multi-fleet and hardware-free solution, allowing Pratt & Whitney to retrieve data from virtually any aircraft and any airline around the world, while these airlines remain in full control of their data.

“Through SITA’s unique data-brokering platform, Pratt & Whitney and airlines can collaborate effectively to gain invaluable, data-driven insights to improve their services across the board.”

Earlier this month, Bahrain Airport Services chose SITA for its airport management system.