Prague Airport introduces live runway stream with

25 February 2020 (Last Updated February 25th, 2020 15:20)

Prague Airport has partnered with and launched a high-resolution live runway stream for its Runway 06/24.

Prague Airport introduces live runway stream with
A view from the high-resolution live stream camera at Prague Airport. Credit: Prague Airport.

Prague Airport has partnered with to launch a high-resolution live runway stream for its Runway 06/24.

The broadcast will include arrival and departure information, meanwhile, the airport will post simulated landing videos of historic aircraft on its social media platforms.

Prague Airport marketing and corporate identity manager Ondrej Svoboda said: “I am very happy that together with we have been able to improve the quality of streaming from Runway 06/24.

“Live streaming has been very popular among viewers and I believe that high-quality videos will raise general interest in air traffic and in how the airport works.”

The camera was originally intended to be installed 2km away from the runway but is now located around 520m away, offering full HD video transmission.

This closer proximity helps the airport to produce higher quality videos with better details. In addition, the camera is equipped with wipers to remove rain and other hindrances from the lens.

Prague Airport’s live broadcasts also enable communication between pilots and the control tower, along with providing infographics on up-to-date air traffic information.

Viewers will receive information on the expected arrival and departure time of each journey, as well as the aircraft type, airline and the flight’s origin and destination.

Svoboda added: “An interesting new feature is simulated landings, which we will regularly show on our social media platforms.

“People will be able to remember the first aircraft that ever landed on the runway at the new Prague-Ruzyne Airport on 5 April 1937. On an international level, this is a unique project and a great opportunity for all aviation fans.”

During February and March, the public will be able to watch short videos of simulated aircraft landings via Prague Airport’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile,’s website will host the live webcam broadcast in full HD.