Perth Airport in Australia is set to initiate a A$13m (US$93m) upgrade to its checked baggage screening system across all terminals.

The new security screening equipment will be introduced under the federal government’s mandate to reinforce the country’s domestic and international aviation security.

This modernisation project will support the airport’s top priority to provide safety and security to passengers.

Perth Airport CEO Kevin Brown said: “While security efforts at passenger screening points are obvious, what people don’t see is that each checked-in bag is screened prior to being loaded onto an aircraft. This behind-the-scenes process is crucial to ensuring we keep air travel safe and secure.

“With the introduction of CT-X-rays for all international and domestic checked baggage screening processes, the new state-of-the-art equipment will improve the efficiency of the screening process.”

By using 3D technology, these new CT-X-ray machines will help in detecting suspicious items in passengers’ checked luggage.

This project will be executed by local construction firm Georgiou Group, which, in turn, is expected to create local job opportunities.  

Georgiou Building general manager Steve Okill said: “We have a solid understanding of what Perth Airport expect when it comes to infrastructure upgrades and look forward to delivering another high-quality upgrade to PAPL [Perth Airport Pty Ltd].”

While delivering the project, the firm will focus on reducing disruption to operations as the project spans all four terminals.

They will also focus on ‘innovation’ to offer time and cost savings.

Last month, Perth Airport commenced a Passenger Screening Reform (CT Upgrade) project to upgrade its passenger screening infrastructure across all terminals.