Ontario International Airport (ONT) in the US has recorded an 11.6% passenger volume increase in the month of September.

According to figures released by its operator Ontario International Airport Authority (OIAA), around 470,000 passengers travelled through the airport last month.

OIAA revealed that the month’s domestic passenger volume reached 446,169, an increase of 10.8% from September 2018.

International travellers increased by 29.8% to 23,155.

In the first nine months of the year, the airport handled more than four million passengers, representing an 8% growth from the same period last year.

Over those months, domestic travel was up by 6.5% to more than 3.8 million while international travellers grew 41.8% to 223,889.

OIAA chief executive officer Mark Thorpe said: “The sustained growth in domestic and international travellers reaffirms Ontario’s status as the nation’s fastest-growing airport and best alternative airport.

“Month after month, customers are expressing their satisfaction in our first-rate facilities, appealing services and hassle-free airport experience.”

Meanwhile, 60,000 tonnes of cargo were transported through ONT last month, representing a 1.5% increase in commercial freight shipments from September 2018.

Mail shipments dropped by more than 47% in September, however.

During the first nine months of the year, commercial freight was up 3.3% to over 539,000 tonnes while mail shipments decreased by more than 20%.

Total air cargo increased by 2.3% for the year.

Located 35 miles east of downtown Los Angeles in the centre of Southern California, ONT offers commercial flights to 21 airports in the US, Mexico and Taiwan, as well as connecting services to several domestic and international destinations.