Low-cost airline Norwegian Air has launched biometric boarding using Vision-Box technology at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) in the US.

The technology enables passengers to board aircraft without showing their boarding passes or passport.

Norwegian Air first used the facial recognition system during the boarding of a flight from Los Angeles Airport to Barcelona on 11 July.

The biometric boarding solution is based on the Vision-Box Traveler flow orchestration platform.

Passengers have their face captured by a high-resolution camera at the eGate and are identified biometrically within a few seconds.

The captured photo is securely sent to the CBP Traveler Verification Service (TVS), which matches them with the stored digital facial token gathered at the initial immigration process.

The system checks the passenger’s eligibility for the flight and opens the eGate door for the passenger to board the aircraft.

Vision-Box global CEO and founder Miguel Leitmann said: “We are very pleased to have Norwegian Air and its passengers benefit from Vision-Box biometric boarding platform at LAX, enjoying a faster and safer travel experience. This is yet another milestone that testifies to how biometrics is gaining traction to become the new normal.”

Norwegian Air is the tenth airline to successfully go live with the contactless biometric self-boarding solution at LAX.

Norwegian Air Support Services managing director Bjørn Erik Barman-Jenssen said: “Norwegian thrives on innovation as we continue to disrupt the conventions of air travel. Several years ago, we arrived in the US with low fares and new planes.

“Reducing carbon footprint and sustainability matter to us. Adopting paperless boarding with biometric technology is the right step for our environment, and will create a seamless experience, which will, in turn, attract more eco-conscious consumers to our airline.”

The biometric self-boarding solution has been operational since 2017 under the US Biometric Exit trial programme.

It is the result of a collaboration between Vision-Box, Los Angeles World Airports Authority (LAWA), and the US Customs and Border Protection (CBP).