SLC Airport

Salt Lake City is to invest $1.8bn in completely rebuilding Salt Lake City International Airport in Utah, US, to address seismic risks and accommodate passenger growth. The reconstruction plan includes seismic upgrades to airport structures including terminal 1 and concourses A and B.

Salt Lake City mayor Ralph Becker said that Salt Lake City International Airport was not built to be a hub.

"Today, as the number of passengers has increased annually to (more than) 21 million, it is by all measures a large hub airport and it must be redeveloped to meet the needs of our region," said Becker.

The airport requires renovation because some of the buildings are 50 years old. The reconstructed airport will feature one terminal and the number of gates will be reduced by 12 to 74. All 74 gates will be equipped to accommodate all sizes of aircraft, each with bridges that do not require outdoor staircases.

The project includes building a south concourse and terminal, a south concourse east, an apron on the north side of south concourse east and renovating concourses B, C, & D. The project will be carried out in phased manner starting from 2013 and will be completed within eight years.

The airport reconstruction will be funded by passenger facility charges and rental car fees, without using tax money. About $250m will come from reserve money, while Delta Air Lines, which accounts for roughly 75% of flights at the airport, will also provide funds.

Image: The renovation of Salt Lake City International Airport includes seismic upgrades to terminal 1 and concourses A and B. Photo: SLC Airport.