British digital radio systems and IP communications developer Simoco Group and its partner United Commercial Agencies (UCA) have been awarded a five-year contract to deliver an advanced digital mobile radio (DMR) solution to Bahrain International Airport.

The move forms part of the Simoco’s strategy to expand in the Middle East region.

DMR technology is said to resolve a number of issues the airport operator is facing with its present Terrestrial Trunked Radio (TETRA)communications system, which includes poor coverage and low channel capacity.

"We are developing further business opportunities in the Middle East."

Simoco will now install Xd Tier III trunked radio system for users looking for sophisticated call management, intelligent call routing and wide-area multi-site working requirements.

Simoco Xd Tier III trunked radio system includes 500 SDP660 Portables and 100 SDM610 Mobile Radios with voice recording.

The products will help the airlines and ground handling company improve their operations and efficiency at the airport.

UCA technical director Tony King said: "Simoco’s DMR system is viewed as the latest technology with exceptional value for money.

"It offered Bahrain International Airport much higher availability and more features than the TETRA system. In addition, it can be fully integrated with the existing phone system in the airport, making it a sound choice for suppliers relying on reliable critical communications.

"UCA will be implementing the system as well as providing maintenance and operational support."

Simoco EMEA business development director Chris Moore said: "Through our partnership with UCA, we have a compelling commercial offer for businesses requiring a cost-effective radio infrastructure.

"Our advanced DMR products are around 40% cheaper than the equivalent TETRA system which is why we are developing further business opportunities in the Middle East."

Bahrain International Airport sees 1,052 flight departures per week.