Rockwell Collins has deployed the touchless T-Series bag drop at London Luton Airport to streamline its baggage check-in process.

The system is the first 'touchless' bag drop in the UK designed to significantly reduce passenger check-in times.

London Luton Airport Passenger Services senior manager Kim Kennedy said: “We’re investing £110m to transform the passenger experience at London Luton Airport. Rockwell Collins’ new auto-bag drop terminals are just one example of this investment.”

Rockwell Collins self-service bag drop system deployed at the Luton airport uses a two-step approach.

In the first step, passengers use their reference number to print a boarding card and / or weigh their bag and print a tag.

"Because the system is so simple to use, the ground staff is able to be more customer-centric and proactive."

Once the baggage is tagged, it is taken to the self-service kiosk and the bag is automatically dispatched, without operators having to touch a button or screen.

Rockwell Collins training and delivery manager Kristian Hanslip said: “On day one, it was fantastic to see the positive reactions of the passengers and staff. Because the system is so simple to use, the ground staff is able to be more customer-centric and proactive. The airport’s customers were amazed at the transformation.”

The new kiosks are also equipped with audio prompts for visually impaired passengers, in addition to availability indicators, so that the passengers can immediately see which devices are free.

The system has already been deployed at several airports worldwide and is reported to have improved passenger experience and processing speeds.

Image: Rockwell Collins deploys its touchless T-Series bag drop in the UK at London Luton Airport. Photo: courtesy of Rockwell Collins.