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The Qatar Civil Aviation Authority (QCAA) has deployed a Frequentis DIVOS recording and investigation solution to evaluate its air traffic control (ATC) operational audio data.

Late last year, QCAA awarded a contract to Frequentis to provide voice communication and investigation solutions for the ATC tower at its Al Khor Airport.

Frequentis completed deployment of the system in four months from the contract award.

The voice communication and investigation solutions provided by Frequentis uses the DIVOS 3 log system to enable a complete evaluation of safety-related airborne situations as well as mission-critical audio data.

"The system is developed to respond to the requirements of mission-critical environments."

The system is developed to respond to the requirements of mission-critical environments in the air traffic management (ATM) domain, and also provides a unique platform by combining communication and automation data.

The solution allows a comprehensive analysis of all relevant data that includes screen, radar, voice and other important information.

The Virtualisation capabilities as well as the integration with the Frequentis communication and automation system further enhance availability and functionality while lowering total cost of ownership.

The Frequentis system provides QCAA the tools to archive and replay as well as enhances operations at Al Khor Airport.

Image: Frequentis solution DIVOS. Photo: Copyright Frequentis.