Oklahoma State University’s (OSU) New Product Development Center (NPDC) has signed a contract with Airplane Transporting Systems (ATS) to develop a new taxying system for aeroplanes.

Under the terms of the contract, NPDC and ATS will produce engineering drawings, which will be used to create an automated system for handling landed aircraft.

The new application has been designed to transport aircraft between runways and airport gates.

"The new application has been designed to transport aircraft between runways and airport gates."

Powered by electric motors, the solution integrates with channels on a rail system built beneath the taxiway, which aircraft use after landing.

The plane's nose wheel is driven into the system's pull car and secured, while its engines are closed to save fuel and emissions.

Aircraft are then moved by the handling system along the channel to the appropriate gate. 

For departing flights, the car pushes the aircraft away from the gate and pulls it along the taxiway to the runway.

The pilot then starts the engines, drives the aircraft off the car, and prepares it for takeoff.

Operated by control tower personnel, the system has been designed to optimise airport taxiway traffic and increase safety, in addition to reducing staff and equipment surrounding flight operations.