A survey conducted by global IT provider SITA has revealed that European airline passengers prefer using technology and 80% of them book flights online, more than any other part of the world.

The 2016 Passenger IT Trends Survey has been conducted across five European countries, namely Germany, Russia, France, Spain and Italy.

However, Europeans complete their check-in process face-to-face at the airport more often than other passengers worldwide.

European passengers primarily use websites to manage flights, with 80% of them booking, 35% checking-in and 31% obtaining their boarding passes online, compared to lower global rates of 75%, 31% and 11% respectively.

According to the survey, most European travellers plan every aspect of their journey ahead in order to avoid problems later on.

In Europe, 36% of the travellers are said to be ‘careful planners’, compared to the global average of 34%.

The survey also reveals that 92% of European passengers have a positive experience in airports before boarding flights.

Providing poor quality airport services has a more negative impact on travellers than not providing the services at all.

Negative passenger experiences were shown to primarily take place in the security screening, passport control and baggage claim areas, which have the fewest self-service options.

SITA Europe president Dave Bakker said: "Airlines and airports across Europe are serving passengers well with 85% happy throughout their journey.

"Airlines and airports across Europe are serving passengers well with 85% happy throughout their journey."

"As is the case worldwide, there is an opportunity to transform the experience at security, border control and baggage collection, the steps of the journey where currently the least amount of self-service technology is deployed."

The survey also studied the personal devices passengers prefer to carry on their journey, which showed that the use of tablets are more popular among European travellers than other global passengers, with 46% of those surveyed in Europe carrying one.

In addition, 83% of the European travellers carry a smartphone, while 9% of them have a smartwatch.

Image: About 46% of the European travellers carry Tablets and 83% carry smartphones. Photo: courtesy of SITA.