Terminal 3, Heathrow

London’s Heathrow Airport has commenced the implementation of a new ID Centre technology solution, IDGateway, for ‘paper-less’ ID application and pass-management.

The contract was awarded by Heathrow to IDGateway in August this year, following a tender process.

With the implementation of the new technology solution, both people and vehicles will require an approved pass to have airport airside access.

IDGateway will supplement the entire ID application process by enabling the secure storage and improved management of the documents required as evidence to support the applications for the passes.

"Heathrow issues over 100,000 ID passes per year and we needed a system we could trust and believe in."

In addition, IDGateway will provide transparency on application progress, full reporting and detailed auditing.

Heathrow ID Centre manager Zoe McCurry said: "Heathrow issues over 100,000 ID passes per year and we needed a system we could trust and believe in.

"We chose IDGateway because it can be tailored to our specific requirements, while being simple and intuitive to use.

"This means our ID Centre staff and Authorised Signatories will have a much improved and more efficient process, which is fully compliant and helps everyone to understand and uphold the regulatory requirements, when applying for the passes on behalf of their employees."

Developed in partnership with airports, IDGateway is expected to reduce operational costs as it increases the chances of approval through constant guidance on the application procedure reducing the number of rejections.

IDGateway managing director at Julian Parker said: "We are delighted to be working with such significant airports in the UK. Moving from the established paper-based processes to an online platform can be a difficult decision to make, but ultimately the security and efficiency benefits are so compelling. Once an airport sees what IDGateway is capable of, the decision is easy."

In addition to Heathrow Airport, Aberdeen, Glasgow and Southampton airports have implemented IDGateway as their new ID Centre technology solution.

The airport served over 35.5 million passengers as on 30 June, compared to 35.1 million the same period in 2014.

Image: Forecourt of Terminal, Heathrow Airport. Photo: courtesy of LHR Airports Limited.