Glidepath Baggage Handling System

Malaysia’s Penang International Airport has selected airport baggage handling and security systems provider Glidepath to expand its checked bag security facility.

The project involves replacing the 15-year-old check-in conveyor system with a 100% fail-safe inline baggage security screening system.

"Glidepath is proud to continue the bilateral cooperation between the Malaysian and New Zealand governments, its companies and its people involved in the upgrade of Malaysia’s airport systems, and in particular Penang International Airport, which is a repeat project for Glidepath," says Glidepath Group chairman and founder Sir Ken Stevens.

The company will provide a complete suite of baggage management software that offers equipment control and enables bag tracking, allocation, sortation and reconciliation.

The suite includes GlideControl software, which has a range of functionality, from intelligent power saving to 100% bag-tracking accuracy.

GlideView will also offer maintenance and diagnostic tools, web-based reports, an extension to mobile PDAs and integration into other airport systems.

The project is to be completed by 1 July 2012.

Penang International Airport is located in the Bayan Lepas area of Penang, and is the main airport for the northern region of the country, serving approximately 4.16 million passengers.