British airline easyJet, along with Norwegian and WestJet, has partnered with GatwickConnects to provide the world’s first global airline connections service by a low fares carrier at Gatwick Airport, UK.

The new ‘worldwide by easyJet’ service will allow passengers travelling through Gatwick to easily use different airlines throughout the airport using a single transaction.

As part of the project, the airport’s connections service, GatwickConnects, will be integrated into in order to enable the airline passengers to easily book a wide range of connecting flights through the UK airport at the touch of a button.

The integration will allow the travellers to connect either with another easyJet service or with a flight operated by low-cost, long-haul carriers Norwegian and WestJet.

"This world-first partnership with GatwickConnects means that easyJet passengers can easily and quickly self-connect with other flights."

Gatwick Airport chief commercial officer Guy Stephenson said: “easyJet is Gatwick’s biggest airline and this world-first partnership with GatwickConnects means that easyJet passengers can easily and quickly self-connect with other flights in Gatwick’s diverse network of flights including over 60 long haul routes.”

Launched in 2015, GatwickConnects enables the 1.7 million passengers who self-connect through the airport each year to book a wide range of non-interlined flights operated by different carriers at the airport through a single transaction, instead of booking separate flights.

Passengers from different UK regions will also be able to save money and benefit from GatwickConnects’ Protected Connection, which issues replacement flights and hotel and meal vouchers when flights are cancelled, delayed or rescheduled.

In addition, the service provides specialist desks in the airport’s baggage reclaim halls, which ensure that the customers’ baggage are loaded on connecting flights.