Denver Airport

Air Serbia and NIKI, the Austrian airline subsidiary of the airberlin group, have signed a code-share agreement, which will provide their passengers with new travel options in Europe.

The code-sharing will allow Air Serbia to expand its network reach to 11 popular European cities, while NIKI customers will be able to travel from Austria to 16 destinations.

London’s Heathrow Airport has awarded a £170m ($220m) contract to Balfour Beatty, a UK-based construction firm, for the modernisation of baggage screening and handling systems at the airport.

The contract involves the installation and modernisation of screening and handling systems at the airport’s eastern baggage facility.

Balfour Beatty will use building information modelling techniques to manage logistics and interface with real-time airport operations.

"London’s Heathrow Airport has awarded a £170m ($220m) contract to Balfour Beatty."

A consortium led by Spanish company Ferrovial Airports has been appointed to enter exclusive negotiations for a public-private partnership (P3), to improve Denver International Airport’s (DIA) Jeppesen terminal.

The P3 will design and renovate the terminal as well as finance the project, in exchange for a share in the airport’s future revenues.

Further negotiations with Ferrovial will be carried out by the DIA, which will also define the scope of the initial pre-development phase of the improvement project.

Following the negotiations, the P3 agreement will be submitted to the Denver City Council for approval, based on which the next phases of development will begin.

Image: The Jeppesen terminal at Denver International Airport. Photo: courtesy of Denver International Airport.