DOQ International Airport
The opening of Daniel Oduber International Airport’s new terminal in Liberia, Costa Rica, has been postponed until 12 January 2012.

The terminal will serve increasing passenger traffic under a $34m concession contract with Coriport.

Liberia transport minister Francisco Jiménez said that the new terminal would put Costa Rica in a very advantageous situation, since it will have the best secondary airport in Central America, and perhaps one of the best in Latin America, according to

"This will be a very important part of the development of the northern Pacific region," Jiménez added.

The new terminal, which will serve 1,500 passengers during peak hours, is equipped with security upgrades such as separate corridors for passengers and security cameras.

The terminal also features temporary holding rooms for detained passengers and dormitories for people in the process of being deported.

Concessionaire Coriport will have to a fine of $500,000 to the country’s Civil Aviation Authority for multiple delays in the opening of terminal.

During the 20-year concession term, the aviation authority will also receive $229m, which according to Jiménez will be invested in the maintenance and remodelling of smaller, local airports across the country.

Coriport has been given six months to propose a plan to remodel the old Liberia airport terminal and to expand its services.

Liberia tourism minister Allan Flores said the delays have not affected the beginning of the city’s tourist high season.

Flores also said that in June Copa Airlines would connect Liberia with South America via a flight through Panama’s Tocumen Airport.

Image: The new terminal at Daniel Oduber International Airport will serve 1,500 passengers during peak hours. Credit: Emw