Airport services provider National Aviation Services (NAS) has opened two new Pearl Lounges at Marrakech Menara Airport in Morocco.

The lounges cover an area of 800m² throughout arrivals and departures to provide travellers with a space while they await their flights.

NAS Group CEO Hassan El-Houry said: “We are pleased to be working with the Moroccan Airport Authority, ONDA to launch the Pearl Lounges at the Marrakech-Menara Airport.

“Our Pearl Lounges are the perfect accent to the eclectic facilities offered at the airport, rated by Skyteam as the most beautiful airport in the world. All passengers, arriving, departing or in transit can access the lounge to relax and rejuvenate or get work done in a comfortable environment.”

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“All passengers can access the lounge to relax and rejuvenate or get work done in a comfortable environment.”

Equipped with more than 150 seats, the lounges feature a dining selection, an entertainment zone, free Wi-Fi, and a smoking area.

NAS Morocco general manager Agnes Laurent said: “In addition to the elegant design, high-quality facilities and premium services, the NAS experience includes high-quality customer service and trilingual service professionals. Our Pearl Assist, Meet and Assist services and airside transfers also ensure added comfort and luxury at the airport.”

Since it secured a ten-year concession deal from the Moroccan Airports Authority (ONDA), NAS has been exclusively managing the refurbishment and operations of 16 lounges across nine airports in Morocco.

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After taking over operations in January 2017, NAS has also completed a Pearl Lounge in Casablanca Mohammed V Airport Terminal 2. Other lounges will be built in Casablanca, Rabat-Sale, Agadir, Tangier, Oujda, Fez, Dakhla, and Laayoune.